Plastic Part Optimization

Nearly a decade ago, NyproMold identified a need to bridge the gap between traditional mold making and new product development and/or enhancement. We began developing expertise in plastic part evaluation and more importantly in working with the customer on early definition of program success criteria. Today, this process is regarded as Early Supplier Involvement (ESI).

Our expert engineers will work closely, as an extension of your product development team to lead or participate in discussions that often review the following areas:

  • Plastic part performance testing, including moldability and manufacturability reviews
  • Wall thickness analysis, i.e. explore light-weighting opportunities
  • Identify proper draft for release from mold
  • Estimate cycle times and identify opportunities to improve with product modification
  • Review and assess critical features/performance deliverables of product
  • Fit, form, and function of the assembly
  • Downstream filling and handling requirements
  • Development, communication, and understanding of program success criteria

The most common results of ESI studies include:

  • Fastest cycles achieved through organized development
  • Plastic part quality and performance
  • Mold reliability and longevity
  • Speed to market and first-time quality driven by front-end development process