Mold Life Asset Management

NyproMold can design a custom mold life asset management program for your mold or molds that encourages a predictive service model and in turn reduces downtime, improves ease of the annual service budget, and most importantly maximizes mold life and overall asset availability.

Mold Rebuilds and Refurbishments

Mold rebuilds and refurbishments return your mold to new or like-new condition. The mold is disassembled, cleaned, and fully inspected. In most cases, complete rebuilds reuse mold bases and hot runners while replacing all molding surfaces and wear components. Refurbishments include partial replacement of molding surfaces and all wear components. Full or partial warranties are available, depending on the scope of the work.

Mold Conversions

NyproMold wants to be your partner through the life of your product and future iterations. We can assess your current assets and explore the possibility of reusing existing molds by replacing mold stack components.

Spare Parts

NyproMold always guarantees 100% interchangeability from mold to mold and cavity to cavity. Spare parts can be ordered on an as-needed basis. But for improved planning, NyproMold can design a spare parts inventory control and management program so you always have the right part at the right time.