Development Tooling You Can Build On

Better parts to help you make better decisions

Foundations is a Development Tooling Program aimed at providing highly accurate parts earlier in your development cycle to drive better part designs and more productive mold solutions. It maximizes production readiness in less time and at a competitive cost compared to conventional methods. Targeting high-volume injection molding applications, this unique service offers you the flexibility to purchase the development mold, the inserts or simply the molded parts, delivering the results you need cost effectively. Foundations provides the innovation, high-quality mold design and tangible molded part results to set the foundation for your high production mold.



Rapidly Scalable

Foundations is setup to provide the parts, mold insert design and processing results you can build on; rapidly. We design and manufacture your development tool using precisely machined steel inserts with cooling patterns and gating styles consistent with a high cavitation production mold. As a result, the learnings from the development parts, and processing information, is directly transferrable to your production mold solution. In many cases design of the production mold can take place concurrently, shortening the time to production.

Cycle Time Savings

Cylce Time Savings

Measuring Cup Case Study

Challenge: NyproMold’s customer needed to improve cycle times to increase output goals while maintaining a fully functional optimized part design.
Solution: Through the Foundations program, a unit mold was developed to demonstrate a unique insert design that would significantly reduce cycle times and provide extended mold wear life.
Result: Demonstrating a faster part time with excellent part quality enabled reduction of cycle times by 2.2-seconds in the production mold. As a result, the customer realized more than 20% capacity increase, resulting in more than 12 million additional parts per year than the previous mold.


Compared to conventional development programs that can take up to weeks – depending on part complexity and target requirements – NyproMold’s Foundations Service provides rapid assessments of your part to deliver production-quality parts and a clear plan for high volume production within four weeks.

Working Mold

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