High Precision Mold Manufacturing

NyproMold’s continual investment in new manufacturing capabilities and constant drive to increase automation have resulted in improved mold quality and time to market. We offer a wide range of mold technologies and options based on your part and development needs.

In addition to conventional single-face molds, NyproMold has extensive experience with complex high-cavitation mold technologies, including:

  • Vertical rotating stack (VRS)
  • Stack
  • In-mold closing
  • Unscrewing
  • In-mold labeling
  • In-mold assembly
  • Insert molding
  • Multi-shot with rotary plates
  • Cube

NyproMold offers these mold types to meet your development needs:

Prototype Molds

Suitable for short runs of new part designs for initial testing and qualification, prototype molds can be completed in 2 to 6 weeks, depending on their complexity. Utilizing modular mold frames, NyproMold can rapidly build, test, and ship parts to your facility. Depending on your needs, you can purchase individual parts or the complete prototype mold.

Pilot / Preproduction Molds

NyproMold blends product development needs with early production mold capability by using production-like gating, cooling, and ejection in the preproduction mold. This allows for ongoing product and production capability development and optimization prior to production mold building. Pilot molds are built with some level of reusable components for integration into the production mold.

Production Molds

Production molds are the culmination of the development process and are built based on the optimal design for the application. Designing and building high-quality production molds is the core of our business. Once the design team completes the appropriate development steps, our manufacturing team uses an established step-by-step process and industry-leading CNC machining technology to build in quality. This results in full interchangeability in mold components.

Production molds range from one cavity to hundreds, depending on the application and production requirements.