Packaging Case Study

Customer Challenge

Our customer needed to achieve the highest part quality in a high-output system. Its production requirements included molding two material lids, precise mold shutoffs, accurate mold movements, and optimal cooling to ensure part quality.

The Solution

NyproMold partnered with the customer and a machine supplier to develop a high-output stack mold utilizing VRS (vertical rotating stack). The design combines the productivity advantages of stack molding with the aesthetic and functional benefits of a two-material system. The center section rotates on each cycle, using a servomotor to provide fast, smooth operation. The VRS provides optimal output from the machine with precise, repeatable control for improved parts quality and extended mold life. It also has a robust, rotary union on the center section to manage all hydraulics and water. The result is a clean, simple, and low-maintenance high-production system.

The Result

The precise engagement of the mold actions and the smooth control of the VRS system enabled these molds to exceed 5 million cycles. They continue to perform with exceptional output and minimal maintenance requirements.

Packaging Mold Case Study Packaging Mold Case Study