Lead Moldmaker

Lead Moldmakers perform a role that consists of a wide variety of tasks that are vital to the moldmaking process. It requires highly skilled hands on machining capability and excellent planning/communication skills to ensure that the many components come together at the right time in the right condition to complete the mold on time. An extensive overall knowledge of plastic injection molds is required to thoroughly understand mold functionality and the varying levels of importance of dimensional accuracies, fits, and finishes. The Lead Moldmaker has a role to act as positive influence in facilitating the successful and timely completion of the mold. During the build and qualification, they will assist, instruct, guide, drive, do, monitor, expedite, advise, caution, provide solutions to many aspects and operations of the mold manufacturing process. Excellent mold troubleshooting skills are required to avoid and address manufacturing and design issues as soon as possible for corrective action. The efforts of all NyproMold personnel involved in the mold design and manufacturing process are delivered to the Lead Moldmaker who has the responsibility of putting it all together and turning the entire team efforts into a mold that functions to the service and quality level we have promised the customer and on the date we committed for completion.

Primary Duties:

· Perform hands on machining tasks with a wide variety of metal working related equipment: Mills, Grinders, EDM’s, Lathes, Saws, Hones, etc. Use blueprints, CAD files, written, and verbal work instructions while operating the equipment in a safe manner at the skill levels required in achieving required dimensional accuracy and productivity.

· Actively monitor the quality of components throughout the process. Verifying the quality/fitness for use of all components installed into the mold is a significant part of your job responsibility.

· Take personal ownership of the mold delivery. Regularly (minimum every 3-5 days) assess the status of component routings, machining progress, and maintain a list of tasks left to complete to finish the mold. Communicate regularly and clearly with the Operations Manager and Department group leaders concerns of issues that may affect mold delivery. Initiate and participate in corrective action plans to get the mold back on track to meet deliveries when there are issues.

· Review designs on molds that are assigned to get a complete understanding of the design features of the mold and how it is supposed to function.

· Take initiative to learn the critical dimensions and features desired by the customer in their injection molded part. Review and understand the routing process of the mold components that contain those features and take an active role in communicating to others the necessity of meeting the requirements of the critical features and dimensions. Proactively measure all critical dimensions that can be reasonably measured without the use of the CMM and fill-in the critical dimension report as early as possible in the process. Then copy it and turn it in for data entry. Responsible for the completed critical dimension report for all dimensions. Responsible for obtaining approval of any out of tolerance dimensions by the Manufacturing Manager prior to mold completion.

· Interface with CNC machining, designers, programmers, polishers, moldmakers, and other personnel to assist in the routing, planning, work instructions, problem solving, and expediting of mold components on assigned jobs.

· Be aware of the status of the incoming components of your molds and communicate as necessary with the Purchasing team to verify you will have the components when required to meet delivery.

· Complete the Design Quality Issue Report to document all design issues found during the mold build. Turn in a report for every mold build per the instructions on the form.

· Log into Vantage making sure to log into the correct job#, component and operation you are working on. When you complete an operation, mark the operation complete in Vantage.

· Complete the final assembly of injection molds on assigned projects which includes:

· Verification that all components (internal & external) meet the quality criteria specified in the design

· Verification of fits and functionality of all moving/sliding components

· Make adjustment of final fits and components to ensure the mold will perform to its warranted service life.

· Inspection of the cores/cavity shut offs to verify proper seal offs.

· Inspection of core/cavity polish/finish to verify it’s completed to design intent.

· Test entire cooling system of molds and components verifying functionality, proper flow in all circuits, and that there are no leaks in the mold.

· Inspect and review critical features/dimensions of mold frames and hot runner systems.

· Complete the Mold Completion Checklist and address any nonconformance issues with the operations manager.

Secondary Duties:

· Train, guide, monitor others as requested in moldmaking related duties.

· Perform mold disassembly/assembly and machining tasks to repair molds and make engineering changes

· Assist others to complete molds, repairs, or EC’s as requested.

· Go to molding areas to assist in troubleshooting issues and complete disassembly and reassembly work to make adjustments and or repairs at the machine during the testing period.

· Participate in continuous improvements efforts to improve shop operations and moldmaking process.

· Other shop maintenance, repairs, and miscellaneous tasks as requested.

Skills and Abilities:

· Excellent hands on machining skills on grinders, mills, lathes, and various other metal working equipment.

· Excellent measurement and analytical skills to accurately measure cores and cavities with many types of tools to tolerances as close as .00005”

· Excellent knowledge of molds design types, fit and function of various types of actions, lifters, ejection systems, mold cooling components, latch lock systems, hot runner systems, mold interlocks, guiding systems, auto unscrewing system, etc.

· Basic CAD capabilities to interrogate files and review the mold designs.

· Good working knowledge of machine programming

· Basic computer skills


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