CNC Machinist


CNC Rough Machining Specialists perform a role that consists of a variety of tasks that are vital to the mold making process. It requires someone who has excellent planning/communication skills to ensure that the many components going through the rough machining process come together in the designated timeline so that the customer due date is hit. Basic blueprint reading knowledge is required for this area. The Rough Machining Specialist is expected to do whatever it takes to get the most machine production runtime as quick as possible without jeopardizing quality. The Rough Machining Specialists must have knowledge of measuring equipment such as indicators, comparators, height gages, toolmaker scopes, and micrometers. Rough Machining Specialists must have the ability to follow instructions and communicate between other Team Members to ensure top quality with little downtime between all rotating shifts.

· Perform hands on machining tasks on the CNC Milling Machines to achieve top quality in a timely manner. Use blueprints, CAD files, written and verbal work instructions while operating the equipment in a safe manner at the skill levels required in achieving dimensional accuracy and productivity.

· Actively verifying and monitoring the quality of all components being manufactured through the milling process is a significant part of your job responsibility.

· Take personal ownership of all components being processed through the department to ensure the mold delivery due date is met.

· Communicate with the department Group Leader any concerns or issues that may jeopardize quality or completion date of the mold.

· Communicate with the department Group Leader any machine issues that could affect safety or function of the equipment.

· Review blueprints, set up sheets, and job travelers to get a full understanding of the requirements of the component being processed.

· Interface with the Programmers and other personnel to assist in the routing, planning, work instructions, problem solving, and expediting of mold components on assigned jobs.

· Be aware of the status of the incoming components that will be going through the CNC Rough Milling process so that the delivery timeline is met. When applicable, prepare the next component while the current component is in process.

· Log into Epicor making sure you are using the correct job#, component, operation and machine number. When you complete an operation on a component, mark the completion quantity to help keep the shop schedule accurate.

· Clean and de-burr components before placing them on the completion cart.

· Train, guide, and monitor others if asked upon by the department Group Leader.

· Keep area and equipment clean and in excellent running condition.

· Participate in continuous improvements efforts to improve shop operations and mold making process.

· Other shop maintenance, repairs, and miscellaneous tasks as requested.

· Excellent hands on machining skills on CNC Milling Machines

· The ability to communicate effectively

· Excellent measurement and analytical skills to accurately measure components with many types of tools to tolerances as close as .0010”

· Basic knowledge of molding components such as cores, cavities, slides, stripper rings, inserts, etc.

· Basic computer skills



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